Stuff you should know about bald eagles

Bald Eagle Fun Facts

1. Bald eagles are stately. They are the official bird of the USA.

2. They make twig mansions.

3. Bald eagles use their feet as utensils—and their throats as cupboards.

4. These birds transform into rowboats because they can swim.

5. A bald eagle has Superman-like vision.

6. They live long lives—up to 30 years in the wild.

7. While there are many kinds of eagles throughout the world, you’ll only find bald eagles in North America.


Bald Eagle Classification

COMMON NAME: bald eagle

KINGDOM: Animalia

PHYLUM: Chordata


ORDER: Falconiformes

FAMILY: Accipitridae

GENUS SPECIES: Haliaeetus  leucocephalus